Collection: Respiratory Support

Respiratory Support:

Our lungs are among our largest organ with its primary job to exchange oxygen from the air with carbon dioxide from the blood. The lungs also help expel waste while nourishing the body.

Supportive upper respiratory herbs include:

Goldenseal (root), Plantain leaf, elder flower, stinging nettle leaf.

Supportive lower respiratory herbs include:

Licorice, Elecampane, Mullein.

Divine Source's Lung Support Blend: 

Lung Support is a unique formulation developed to support the respiratory system during times of stress including, cough, smoke inhalation, signs and symptoms of asthma, inflammation in the airways and influenza. Additionally, lung support acts as an antibacterial, assists in fever reduction and helps reduce inflammation.

Wildcrafted mullein, organic mullein flowers, organic garlic, organic feverfew, organic local honey, gluten free vodka.

Mullein: Leaves have soothing, hydrating effects on the lungs and contain saponins that loosens and stimulates mucus flow to clear and open the lungs and sinuses. Mullein is commonly used for chronic lung problems such as asthma and COPD but is also helpful with cold and coughs especially dry respiratory conditions. Mullein flowers are helpful for agitation, irritability and anxiety.

Garlic: is a strong aromatic that acts as an expectorant to expel phlegm from the lungs.

Feverfew: Flower helps relieve pain and inflammation and is a good fever remedy.

Local Honey contains over 30 different polyphonies, 22 amino acids, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Honey is traditionally used as a nutritious supplement. Benefits include antioxidant, brain booster, skin and hair, energy, assisting with weight loss and also contains anti-cancerous properties.

Respiratory Support