About Divine Source

Rashell is the dreamer of Divine Source. She is a reiki master, energy worker, and steward of the Earth. She has been working with and studying energy for over 12 years now. She has been trained in Multi-Cultural Shamanic Practices as well as Shamanic Reiki by Steven Pipping with Star-Bird Foundation.

Rashell holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies that is self-designed and focused on self-transcendence through energy work, relationship with the self and the transcendent.

Rashell recently made the jump from working in Social Services with vulnerable populations for over 20 years, to answer the call as a healer and medicine maker.

During her time working with vulnerable populations, she had extensive opportunity to see trauma firsthand and recognize the need for great healing to take place on Earth.

While utilizing spiritual insight through a multi-cultural shamanic perspective, Rashell will help remove stored blockages in the body, specifically chakras, helping raise people’s vibrations which will enable them to transcend past their traumas and step into their true potential.