Divine Source offers multiple services including high quality hand crafted tinctures, journeying, and individual soul care sessions.

"Let me take you back to the REMEMBERING"


The Apothecary

Chakra Collection

Chakra Collection

The Chakra Collection 

Stress Management

Stress Management

It is no secret that most people experience stress in one form or... 

Immune Support

Immune Support

Our immune system is designed to protect the body against viruses, bacteria,... 

We are the dreamers of our reality.

So dream beautifully Dear Ones.

A Poem By Rashell

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Sinus Ease

Sinus Ease was designed for allergies, head colds, and sinusitis. Sinus Ease is quickly becoming our top seller because of how effective it is. Click on the link to learn more about this exciting herbal offering.


    Your roots, and reconnect with Nature.

  • YOUR

    Remember, you are your best investment.

  • PATH

    Your path is waiting.

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    Planetary Influence: SUN

    Element: FIRE

    Induce Clairvoyance

    Provide Protection

    Will Strengthen and Comfort the Heart

  • Elderberry - Grandma

    Planetary Influence: Venus

    Element: Water

    Elderberry has the power to bridge the divide between the physical and the spiritual realm

  • Nettle - Youthful

    Planetary Influence: Mars

    Element: Fire/Water

    Nettles activate dream space and are believed to be the gatekeeper of the green world

  • Dandelion - Cleanse

    Planetary Influence: Jupiter

    Element: Air

    Open up Sight

    Connection to Higher Dimensions

    Induce Psychic Ability

Sustainable Ingredients

Divine Source's products are rooted in good soil, grown on land that is diverse with sustainable farming practices and good intentions.

Divine Source is committed to providing people with products that are organic, sustainable, ethically harvested and in accordance with Nature.

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