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Divine Source

Soul Care Session

Soul Care Session

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Divine Source soul care session may include:

-Guiding people to their guides; spirit or animal

-Help people discover their hero within

-Chakra clearing/tuning

-Develop a deeper understanding of past, present and future selves

-Dive deep within unconscious parts of themselves to understand how unconscious influences the past/present moments

-Help people transcend past limited believes and overcome fears to evolve into their best possible selves

-Biofield tuning

-Shamanic journeying

-Discover plant allies

-Dream work


-Spiritual inquiry 

From the Apothocary your first Soul Care Session will include:

1 hour - 10 ml Bottle of Lavender Essential Oil Roller- 

Lavender helps you see clearly and helps increase your awareness making you aware of communications from spirit realm. 

1.5 hour - 1 oz Bottle of Elderberry Tincture -

Elderberry has the power to bridge the divide between the physical and the spiritual realm.



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