~ I come back to you ~

~ I Come Back To You ~

Where oh where did you go?
A place beyond me, Iv been told I don’t know.

 I think of you in the meadows and seen you in the stars.
I remember you often,  but forget you when afar.

 Told you don’t exist and told to forget.   
But I long for you and I miss you because I know you exist.

 You exist in the Earth, in the stars and in the drum.  
You exist in the laughter and the touch when strummed.  

 Where oh where did you go Spirit?

I call back to you because I want to know.
I want to remember who I am.
I want to go back to a place so deep within.  
To hold your hand and reconnect
See you Spirit once again.

 I seek to recover what was lost.
Live a life that is my cause.

My purpose.
My being.
I come back to you now.

 To live my Soul purpose and thrive once again.
To live my Soul purpose and and remember who I am.

 I love you.

~ Rashell Ver Valin