Collection: Create Your Own Tincture Formulation

Do you have a passion for plants and their constituents, actions, properties and functions? Do you have a desire to make your own tincture formulations to use when you feel that itch in the back of your throat, or are feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Perhaps you have a desire to make a tincture for your children to help support their immune system with back to school season but you do not have the time. Let me take the work out of having to buy or forage the plants and supplies needed to make your own custom tincture. 

Choose from list of organic herbal tinctures I have available and create your very own tincture formulation for you, a loved on or friend. 

I have two sizes available to choose from

- 2 ounce: $30.00

- 4 ounce: $50.00

Please select from one of the above sizes and during check out please explain the formulation you want to make and indicate which herbs your would like to include in your custom formulation. 

Create Your Own Tincture Formulation

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