Collection: Soul Care

Are you ready to reconnect with your true purpose and whole being? Are you ready to return to the remembering?

My soul care sessions utilize reiki teachings and spiritual insight through a multi-cultural shamanic perspective while utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to ancient and present holistic healing modalities and techniques.

During a soul care session, I may call upon your higher self, your spirit guides, your ancestors, source, and earths energy to utilize Universal Life Force Energy to help identify blockages and stagnant energy often time associated with dense emotions. Emotions our expressions of our life experiences that have been stored in the body. By identifying these energetic blockages, we will identify the root cause of your emotional/energetic blockages.

Together we will work on gently dispersing/removing the energetic blockages that have been stored in your body, helping restore you, create balance within, and reconnect you with your true purpose and whole being.

Soul care sessions may include guided meditation, energy work/reiki, shamanic drumming, rattles, oracle card reading, spiritual insight, soul retrieval, plant medicine, crystals and other healing modalities/tools used by various cultures around the world.

Soul Care