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Journey into Flow State

Journey into Flow State

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The Journey into Flow State

Coherence is a state where the mind, and heart work are in cooperation in what’s called a “flow state”.

When we consciously lock into our hearts, we enter flow state and create coherence between our heart, body, and our brain.

By creating a space of coherence between our heart and our brain we enter a state of intuition and rely more on our inner self to guide us to make decisions in our lives. Our decisions are now from a place of heart center, rather than ego. It is in this space where our heart and brain act synergistically together.

Other benefits of practicing coherence and entering a flow state include:

• Improving immune function

•Decrease stress hormones

• Improve heart health

• Promote overall wellness

• Produce this flow on demand with day-to-day life.

• Shift into coherence state, heart and brain operate synergistically.

• Activate and sustain the activity between heart and brain. • Have more intuitive access and flow.

• Elevate communication, relationships, choices, and higher levels of effectiveness.

Rashell is going to guide you to your flow state and help you lock into your hearts coherence by using a Heart Lock in technique using her Sacred drum. 




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