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Metal Detox 2 oz

Metal Detox 2 oz

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Metal Detox formulation contains alfalfa, change mushroom, chlorella, cleavers, cilantro, dandelion root/leaf, milk thistle, nettles, and parsley.

-Alfalfa is shown to neutralize toxins and bind to heavy metals.

-Chaga mushroom assists in the digression and expulsion of toxins from the body. Chaga contains a powerful antioxidant called Superoxide Dismutase, which is essential for both cleansings the liver and cellular regeneration

-Chlorella helps bind heavy metals and promote extraction.

-Cleavers clear toxin build-up and the lymphatic system and blood.

-Cilantro helps to remove heavy metals from the brain.

-Dandelion root and milk thistel detoxify the liver.

-Dandelion leaf helps promote healthy kidney function.

-Nettles have diuretic properties which helps your body release waste.

-Parsley helps to detoxify the liver and bind to heavy metals.





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