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Divine Source

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

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Mugwort: works with the place of our inner waters where we often repress memories and help bring them to light often though our dreams. Mugwort is also associated with womb healing. Mugwort aids in menstruation cycles. It is a general tonic for the whole body too, strengthen the nervous system, digestive system, kidneys, lungs and musculoskeletal system.

Calendula: Troubled relationships, distance in personal relationships. Lack of clarity in relationships. Feeling inconsolable after love ends. Water retention. Calendula give people more emotional resiliency and sturdiness. Men and woman who find themselves confused in relationship will befit. Gives us a chance at true intimacy.

The second chakra is the partnership chakra. With the second chakra we begin to initiate relationships as a child and the energy shifts from obeying tribal authority to discovering other relationships that satisfy personal, physical needs.

Location: Lower abdomen to navel area.

Energy connection to the physical body: Sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebra, pelvis, hip area, appendix, and bladder.

Energy connection to emotional/mental body: Resonates to our need for relationships with other people and our need to control to some extent the dynamics of our physical environment.

Symbolic/perceptual connection: The energy in this chakra enables us to generate a sense of personal identity and protective psychological boundaries.

Sefirot/Sacrament connection: The sacrament of Communion resonates to the energy of this chakra and symbolizes bonds we form with people.

Primary fears: Fears of loss of control, or being controlled by another, through the dominating power of events or conditions such as addiction, rape betrayal, impotence, financial loss, abandonment by our primary partner. Also, fear of the loss of the power and the physical body.

Primary strengths: The ability and stamina to survive financially and physically on one’s own and to defend and protect oneself; the “fight or flight” instinct; the ability to take risks; the resilience to recover form loss whether family members, partners, occupation etc. Power to rebel and reestablish a life and personal and professional decision-making ability.

Honor One Another: This truth applies to our interactions with each relationship we develop, from the most casual



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