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Sinus Ease 2 oz bottle

Sinus Ease 2 oz bottle

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Sinus Ease was designed for allergies, head colds, and sinusitis. Sinus Ease has the following plant allies to assist you in relieving that sinus pressure that can all to often be a pain in your face!

  • Hyssop has decongestant properties as well as expectorant. It is helpful to clear and remove mucus.
  • Plantain has both decongestant as well as a demulcent properties. Demulcent properties are helpful in soothing irritates or inflamed tissues and mucus membranes.
  • Yarrow has antiviral properties and is especially helpful when experiencing symptoms similar to a head cold.
  • Nettles has anti-allergenic properties making it useful for allergies and many other irritants including smoke.



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