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Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

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Ashwagandha: Adrenal support. Help stabilize cortisol levels.

Astralagus: Increase Chi flow by converting food and drink into energy. Dandelion root: Liver aid, bile production, detoxify liver, helpful in digestion.

Dandelion leaf: Assists in healthy kidney function, diuretic.

Marshmallow root: is a mucilaginous herb that aids the bowels, and mucous membranes, lungs, and kidneys. Soothes inflamed and irritated tissues and reduces swelling.

The third chakra is the energy of personal power. It assists us further in the process of individuation, of forming a “self” ego, and personality separate from our inherited identity.

Location: The solar plexus Energy connection to the physical body: stomach, pancreas, adrenals, upper intestines, gallbladder, liver, and the middle spine, spleen.

Energy connection to the emotional/mental body: personal power center, the magnetic core of the personality and ego. The illnesses that originate here are activated by issues related to self-responsibility, self-esteem, fear of rejection and an oversensitivity to criticism.

Symbolic/perceptual connection: mediates between the primary external and internalization of consciousness.

Sefirot/Sacrament connection: Represents the emergence of the “conscious self” or that part of the human personality that is eternal and naturally alighted to the sacred.

Primary fears: Fears of rejection, criticism, looking foolish, and failing to meet ones responsibilities, all fears related to physical appearance.

Primary strengths: Self-esteem, self-respect, and self-discipline, ambition, ability to generate action, and the ability to handle a crisis, courage to take risks, generosity, ethics and strength of character.

Sacred truth: Honor oneself



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